Why is money "running away" from us?

Why is money "running away" from us? Sometimes we we we are very surprised that the so-called "rich" manage to constantly increase their wealth (without our help).Even after 50 years of our compatriots, we still don't understand very well how to properly manage our money.But the fact is that rich people have developed certain financial skills that we inherited from our parents.These skills make us rich and independent: they made us rich and free-thinking people who have a lot of money and no debt. In this article, we will talk about why money "runs away" from us, and how we can get rid of it forever.  Why is money "running away" from us?Everything is very simple. To do this, you will have to make some effort. 1) we Create a " money sanctuary"This is probably the simplest piece of advice that we can all give to each other. It's about your personal financial "defense" mechanism.Think about it — what will you need to pay off your loans? How will you pay for your first investment? What is the most reliable way to invest money? 2) Create an "airbag"In investment terms, an "airbag" is a kind of "financial cushion".This is a certain monetary reserve in case of trouble (dismissal, accident, illness, etc.).Any crisis inevitably causes mass layoffs and a significant drop the market value of securities. Therefore, you need to be prepared for a downturn and make smart investments.Don't be lazy and think through your investments:you can start with the purchase of shares and other financial instruments.it is sufficient to make this a very large amount — say, 10-20% of your total income for a couple of years.3) Start investing right nowYes, the earlier you are once a month start investing.The fact is that the earlier you start investing, the faster your money will start "working" for you. I will repeat once again — don't worry about the fact that the bubble will burst soon.No one expects that. Everyone can safely bet on their investment:Yes, the market is overvalued right now;and if the market falls, then the value of securities will fall with it.But the most important thing is you you you you you you decide to start investing at least once a month.4) Stick to index investingDon't worry about the fact that your stock of preferred shares has declined significantly.On the long horizon, it makes sense to stick to the index strategy.This is your pre-crisis asset allocation (which will guarantee you a high return on your invested capital).5) Buy " discounted dollars"I tell you how it works:Suppose you had started investing 10 years ago. Today you have completed one year of active investment.The stock market has grown by 30%