How to find a job (even if you are unemployed)

How to find a job (even if you are unemployed) Every second Russian citizen is at risk of losing their job or a small part of their salary. Such a negative scenario has begun for many people who lost their usual standard of living due to the outbreak the coronavirus epidemic.The situation is becoming more and more dangerous every day. Every 10th person of working age lost their job or part of their salary. Such data was announced by the employment Service. 2) Tough competition for jobsThere are not enough of them "azadiels" at the moment. But we will soon all be "killed". We have a tough go of it it the virus will be defeated and we will return to our usual pre-crisis life.But that's not the point right now.The point is that we are all at risk. 3) the hardest part is yet to comeIn the near future, the labor market is looking more and more positive.Full employment is back in our hands!With or without the presence of the government's help.So grab your happily ever after by the tail!4) Getting out of the crisis is easier than ever BeforeIt is not necessary to rush to open an individual's own small business. As a practical matter, you can safely do this right now: Find a suitable one for yourself (or your spouse) a feasible part-time job on the Internet (or one of the many remote jobs);After completing the initial stages of self-isolation, you can safely return to your usual life without needing to take out additional loans.Don't worry about the fact that you will be without a job for a long time. It's all about saving your family budget — and getting back to work as soon as possible.5) Look for a job not in your specialtyFirst, look for a job in another region (where the same job pays much more).Secondly, check the validity of the job posting. Look for it carefully — and if the vacancy does not have a high school degree, it means that the position does not pay very much.Third, start your own business. This will allow you to start earning money on the Internet immediately.Executive SUMMARY:Take these five steps — and soon you will be the first unemployed person in your family. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".